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Monthly Archives: February 2013


I’m pretty sure last year Mike and I wished each other happy Valentines Day as we were falling asleep on the couch or something. So this year I wanted to put a little more effort in. I got a Spicy Rosemary Spaghetti recipe from Bell’Alimento and Sara’s amazing recipe for ¬†Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling […]

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Winter Storm

Drama watching the storm and the little winter garden with sleeping bulbs. It’s only his second winter and probably the third time he’s seen snow. It’s almost more like sleet though, bouncing off the pots and window box. He can see the snow falling on the cathedral a few blocks down…..

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Sweet Apple Triangles

Totally unrelated to sweet apple triangles – I finally have a keyboard where the “L”, “O” and “.” keys aren’t broken! I never¬†fully realized how many words have the letter “o” in them, until I had to cut and paste the letter every time. I’ll tell you, it’s A LOT. Anyway, now I can post […]

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