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Balcony Gardening

Finally some real outdoor space! So long fire escape gardens! I’ve had two balconies to work with since we moved to Brooklyn. Along with gardening, they are a great place to sip bourbon lemonades and people watch. A guy in the building across from us sells pimped out motorcycles. Yeah. Welcome to Brooklyn.  Anyway, I’ve made a few trips to Dig and Botanica Garden Center and pretty much filled the smaller front balcony. It’s kinda super narrow, so it was rough finding a chair that would fit out there . Luckily Ikea makes chairs for narrow butts, and delivers them. And the cats have no trouble fitting (though Drama’s pushing it). Everyone’s happy.

We’ve got some herbs going, and hopefully this will inspire Shauna, our roommate Ravi’s girlfriend, to make some cocktails when she comes over. She recently attended a cocktail conference in New Orleans…because she’s not just any bartender.

I was doing some research on gardening in Brooklyn and came across Rooftop Ready Seeds, a New York City seed company that collects from organically grown plants that have adapted and prospered in the local environment. The idea is that you’ll have more luck planting these seeds in your New York rooftop, balcony, or fire escape gardens. For this reason, they are not so cheap. BUT, an awesome idea and hopefully worth it….and I like the packaging:-)

So I am pretty damn happy. Getting started on the back balcony now. Lot’s more room to play with. Oh, and the grill. Ooooh I can’t wait to grill. Thank you Brooklyn. I no longer hate you. I love you. Just not Williamsburg. Or the G.


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John Wilpers - Wow! What stunning photos (again!). The first photo of the flowers and the last of your deck are just great!

And I’m so glad that you’re picking up on the Jack-Daddy gardening gene!

You’ll have to make some of those bourbon lemonades for us in Westport.

And let me know how those “Made in NYC for NYC” seeds work for you!

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