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Healthy Summer Ice Cream

Ice cream is far and away my favorite food. Nothing even comes close. Especially in the summer. The only problem is, I can put it away like it’s my job. I mean really really I don’t stop until I’m sick or it’s ripped from my very cold hands. I inherited this from my dad. My sister and I have seen him eat pints…if not gallons of ice cream with no effort. He’s like a teenage girl going through a rough break up, who is also immune to brain freeze.

While summer is first and foremost ice cream season, it’s also beach and bikini season – which may be life’s greatest dilemma. So lately I  decided to forgo my favorite food…until now.

It’s 2 frozen bananas (bluth style) and a scoop of peanut butter in a blender or food processor. Done. You can add vanilla and toppings like shaved almonds, coconut, or in my case, blueberries and the mint I’ve been growing on the balcony.   Try to use peanut butter with only a couple ingredients (ex. peanuts and sea salt). If it’s too processed you might as well be eating Dairy Queen.

So it’s not technically ice cream. But it does the trick for me! My photos look like soft serve because I got distracted eating it and it got melty before I took pictures. I stuck the rest in the freezer and it returned to frozen goodness in no time. You can find more details on how to make it at this very cute blog. If you don’t like bananas…..well you’re sh*t out of luck. For now:-)Hopefully, I’ll find more recipes for cool healthy summer treats.

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Laura Dembowski - Thank you so much for linking up my ice cream! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a healthy way to enjoy ice cream :)

John Wilpers - Yet another delightful blog post! Love the top picture! Made me want to go have some ice cream and it’s only 6 in the morning (but then, is there any time that is not appropriate for ice cream?! Your mint looks incredibly healthy, and your alternative to ice cream sounds like it’s worth a try. Make some at Westport!

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