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Sweet Apple Triangles

Totally unrelated to sweet apple triangles – I finally have a keyboard where the “L”, “O” and “.” keys aren’t broken! I never fully realized how many words have the letter “o” in them, until I had to cut and paste the letter every time. I’ll tell you, it’s A LOT. Anyway, now I can post […]

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Do You Know What This Is?

No, really. Do you? Because I definitely had no idea. Once again, the West Harlem CSA produce has me stumped. At least with theBok Choy I could google what to do with it. But how do you google……”mini yellow pumpkinish type vegetable?” Of course the guy handing them to me probably did say a name, but […]

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Green Beans Galore

One of the great challenges of CSA produce are the portions. While 3 summer squash are pretty easy to ration throughout the two weeks, an enormous bag of green beans might present a challenge. How many different ways can you use them? Can you prepare them differently enough that after eating them for two weeks, […]

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West Harlem CSA

After a loooooooong hiatus that began with planning a surprise birthday party and just recently ended with studying for and taking the GRE’s, I am back. I have continued to cook and try to eat healthily (with the occasional pint of ice cream as a study reward…oops), I just haven’t had a chance to take […]

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