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Roasted Tomato Soup – Seasons Changing

  I’m easing into fall slowly. Or at least I wanted to. To quote a recently aired episode of a show I’m not going to admit I watch, “I had hoped denial would last longer as a coping mechanism.” I’ve started to list the few things I like about cold weather.   1.My hands and […]

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Green Beans Galore

One of the great challenges of CSA produce are the portions. While 3 summer squash are pretty easy to ration throughout the two weeks, an enormous bag of green beans might present a challenge. How many different ways can you use them? Can you prepare them differently enough that after eating them for two weeks, […]

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Quick Healthy Weekday Lunch – Tuna Melt

Weekday lunches are a fun thing to improvise with. I’m lucky enough to work only a few blocks away from where I live. So on days when I’m not super busy, I can rush home to make a lunch (I’m not the kind of person who can get up early so it’s all ready come […]

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