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Healthy Summer Ice Cream

Ice cream is far and away my favorite food. Nothing even comes close. Especially in the summer. The only problem is, I can put it away like it’s my job. I mean really really I don’t stop until I’m sick or it’s ripped from my very cold hands. I inherited this from my dad. My […]

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I’m pretty sure last year Mike and I wished each other happy Valentines Day as we were falling asleep on the couch or something. So this year I wanted to put a little more effort in. I got a Spicy Rosemary Spaghetti recipe from Bell’Alimento and Sara’s amazing recipe for  Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling […]

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Sweet Apple Triangles

Totally unrelated to sweet apple triangles – I finally have a keyboard where the “L”, “O” and “.” keys aren’t broken! I never fully realized how many words have the letter “o” in them, until I had to cut and paste the letter every time. I’ll tell you, it’s A LOT. Anyway, now I can post […]

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Green Holidays Recap

Recycled farmer’s market Halloween decor used by Melissa and Gigi for the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner center piece An all inclusive stuffing! We put a veggie, gluten free spin on a traditional dressing recipe (in the making above) so my dad and Julia didn’t miss out! I grabbed gluten free bread from Free Bread in NYC and brought it home with me on the […]

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