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Balcony Gardening

Finally some real outdoor space! So long fire escape gardens! I’ve had two balconies to work with since we moved to Brooklyn. Along with gardening, they are a great place to sip bourbon lemonades and people watch. A guy in the building across from us sells pimped out motorcycles. Yeah. Welcome to Brooklyn.  Anyway, I’ve made […]

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Winter Storm

Drama watching the storm and the little winter garden with sleeping bulbs. It’s only his second winter and probably the third time he’s seen snow. It’s almost more like sleet though, bouncing off the pots and window box. He can see the snow falling on the cathedral a few blocks down…..

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Winter Green

In the depths of winter, before spring gives any signs of hope, it’s nice to have a couple reminders of what’s to come. Here are a few greens to keep winter blues away. When outside I’m surrounded by brick, stone, cement and iron, I like having a lot of green inside. Aloe and Jade are tough plants. Which is a necessity in this […]

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Early Morning, Late Season Harvest

“Ready to eat in 24 days!” The packet said. “Easy plant for kids to grow!” The packet said. Well, 40 days later my Cherry Belle radishes are…cherry. But bell shaped? Not so much. Not gonna lie, no idea what happened. Right after the “blizzard” I thought, I should probably harvest those guys. I read somewhere […]

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