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I’m pretty sure last year Mike and I wished each other happy Valentines Day as we were falling asleep on the couch or something. So this year I wanted to put a little more effort in. I got a Spicy Rosemary Spaghetti recipe from Bell’Alimento and Sara’s amazing recipe for  Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling and Marscapone Frosting from Sprouted Kitchen. The night was definitely worth the extra effort.

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cindy carloni - I just found this site…………….oh boy!!

cindy carloni - I just found this site…………….oh boy!!

Winter Storm

Drama watching the storm and the little winter garden with sleeping bulbs. It’s only his second winter and probably the third time he’s seen snow. It’s almost more like sleet though, bouncing off the pots and window box. He can see the snow falling on the cathedral a few blocks down…..

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John Wilpers - Your new camera really captures detail exquisitely. So sharp! And that yawn picture is priceless! What fun!

Sweet Apple Triangles

Totally unrelated to sweet apple triangles – I finally have a keyboard where the “L”, “O” and “.” keys aren’t broken! I never fully realized how many words have the letter “o” in them, until I had to cut and paste the letter every time. I’ll tell you, it’s A LOT. Anyway, now I can post without wanting to bash my head into the computer screen:-)….so on to the triangles

I think apple sauce is one of the greatest things to make a TON of and keep in the fridge. It’s also a good way to preserve the fruit and cut down the amount of space one ingredient takes up in your kitchen. I thought Fall was apple season but we’ve gotten so many apples from our winter share too.

This recipe for Sweet Apple Triangles from Oh Joy (my new favorite blog!) led me to a new ingredient – vanilla bean. I had used vanilla extract before of course, but never a BEAN. I was excited to work with something that felt so raw. I scraped the vanilla out of the pod with a spoon and it mixed into the homemade applesauce beautifully.

I also used phyllo sheets for the first time. They are pretty easy to work with and made for a sweet crunch….it helped that they were pretty well coated in butter.

All in all the Sweet Apple Triangles from Oh Joy were a joy to make. Go figure. They were also a great dessert to bring to dinner at a friend’s new apartment in Chelsea…. Oh Washington Heights, how’d I’d love to leave you for Chelsea.

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Winter Green

In the depths of winter, before spring gives any signs of hope, it’s nice to have a couple reminders of what’s to come. Here are a few greens to keep winter blues away.

When outside I’m surrounded by brick, stone, cement and iron, I like having a lot of green inside. Aloe and Jade are tough plants. Which is a necessity in this house. A boyfriend who never remembers to water plants + cats, usually = death. These guys have beat the odds.

Fresh herbs from our winter share. I experimented with this recipe for Guinness Stew and decided to try it in a slow cooker. Cooking the stew gave the house a really lovely fresh smell. While eating the stew gave us a really warm pub feel. Thank you Patricia for the great crock pot, thanks Paul and Anne for leaving some Guinness in our apartment, and thank you Mike for visiting and letting me try out new recipes on you:-)

Finally, the Little Spinach that Could. And was very confused. I swear these guys were waiting for winter to start growing. They’ve stuck it out though. Been snowed on a couple times. But if little seedlings can make the most out of the cold weather, maybe I can too.

…, nope. I want spring.

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admin - Hey Pops, they are taken with the new camera! Such a great gift <3 Thank you

John Wilpers - Lovely (and such hopeful) photos! Are they taken with your cool new camera? I love how it focuses on the subject and the rest is blurred out forcing you to look at the crisp leaves or color patterns or water droplets. Beautifully done!