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Remembering the tastiest parts of the summer<3


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Do You Know What This Is?

No, really. Do you? Because I definitely had no idea. Once again, the West Harlem CSA produce has me stumped. At least with theBok Choy I could google what to do with it. But how do you google……”mini yellow pumpkinish type vegetable?” Of course the guy handing them to me probably did say a name, but I was so distracted by its weirdness….and his cuteness…. that by the time I got home, I had completely forgotten what is was supposed to be.
This story does have a happy ending…..I found out what it is, and cooked a fun meal with it last night!
But do you know what it is:-)
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Abby - Turns out, it's a summer squash. And I fried it…..sliced it like a green tomato and fried it up! …..There are healthier options I'm sure:-)

Anonymous - ummmmmmmm. oh thats right, a squashkidnuddle. i knew, i knew it.

Abby - ps – I am SO excited about this new camera. Can't wait for Westport to really have some fun with it!

Green Beans Galore

One of the great challenges of CSA produce are the portions. While 3 summer squash are pretty easy to ration throughout the two weeks, an enormous bag of green beans might present a challenge. How many different ways can you use them? Can you prepare them differently enough that after eating them for two weeks, you don’t want to die? Easily one of the saddest things about transitioning into caring about your food, is watching it go bad. That poor head of lettuce from last week:-(

So I have been determined to use ALL of the green beans. One of my favorite recipes I’ve found for them, was Green Bean and Quinoa Salad from Sprouted Kitchen (of course:-)  It was a great side dish for dinner, and perfect for lunch the next day.

Newbie Cooking Tip #5 – if you’ve decided to channel your inner hipster and start keeping a bunch of ingredients in fun glass jars, you should seriously considering a labeling method. Yes, when I put the rolled oats into that jam jar, I knew what they looked like, and I knew they didn’t look like Quinoa. A few months later…… I definitely almost made Green Bean and Rolled Oat Salad. 


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johnwilpers - What a great challenge! Everyone who is a member of a CSA faces the same conundrum. Massive quantities of the same item. It would be fun to see not only what you do, but what other members of CSAs do with mountains of beans or beets or butter squash. If you can find links to other "solution" posts, it would be very helpful. By the way, your dish looks fantastic, and Michael's new camera is going to enable real crisp close-ups. Can't wait to see more!

West Harlem CSA

After a loooooooong hiatus that began with planning a surprise birthday party and just recently ended with studying for and taking the GRE’s, I am back. I have continued to cook and try to eat healthily (with the occasional pint of ice cream as a study reward…oops), I just haven’t had a chance to take many pictures! Which was terrible timing because we have been getting our CSA produce since July, and it has been amazing! Every other Tuesday, I run down to the Broadway Presbyterian Church and pick up a a bunch of different produce from Windflower Farm. It’s been very exciting to have the ingredients dictate the meals, instead of buying whatever a recipe calls for.


As a result, I’ve had to learn a lot about food I never even knew existed. For instance, Bok Choy. What the hell is it? Chinese Cabbage. Yeah, never knew…even though I just realized there are pictures of them from the Union Square Farmers Market post. So I asked the woman who was handing it out, how she uses it. She suggested stir fry with ginger, which is exactly what came up when I googled recipes for bok choy. I used the Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Ginger and Garlic recipe from the food network, but I also added chicken. It was crazy easy and SO good. The bok choy added a taste that Michael and I both agreed was something we’d only had in restaurants. Think Thai Food stir fry type taste…. I really hope fairway carries it because I’d love to make this dish again!

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting regularly.

Also, I’ve added some new summer music! And there will be more to come. So check it out:-)

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johnwilpers - Welcome back! We've missed you! It sounds very exciting to be discovering new foods, and I have to confess that if I've ever had Bok Choy, I was completely unaware of it. So this is great! And it sounds not only delicious but also ridiculously easy to make (always one of the top attractions of a recipe!). Keep trying new stuff and letting us know about how it works out. And plan on cooking some Bok Choy in Westport!

4 Ingredient Pineapple Sherbet

Since it is FINALLY starting to get warmer, I’ve been looking for some quick (and relatively painless) summer recipes! Yes, it is technically still only spring. BUT, I started my summer playlist the other day, and if my Ipod says it’s summer, it’s summer:-)
This Pineapple Sherbet was terrible. It wasn’t the sherbet’s fault. With only 4 ingredients, I managed to make half that many mistakes.
1. The recipe says use low fat butter milk – it’s just not for “health” reasons. Regular fat buttermilk might not freeze the same way
2. My pineapple may not have been quite ripened correctly.
Newbie Cooking Tip #4 – if a recipe heavily focuses on 1 main fruit or vegetable, make absolutely sure you know how to buy it (especially if you’re shopping organic, because that produce may ripen differently from non-organic) and how to know when it’s right to use. 
Example: if you buy  a totally green organic pineapple, it is less likely to ripen well. I learned this the hard way. When you buy a pineapple, you want it to be golden at the bottom and part of the way up, depending on when you want to use it.

So it was not a perfect start to the summer recipes…..but hey it’s technically not summer yet, right?
One good thing about my attempt at this recipe – I got to use my new (and very colorful – Missa don’t you love it!) handheld blender!
It looked like it was going to be so good! Oh well. Next time.
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Dave at - Greetings. This is my first time on your blog, but you have a terrific one. I am always on the look out for new blogs, new ideas. I especially appreciate all the details you do, so many photos makes it seem like anyone can replicate the recipe!

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johnwilpers - OK, you've had your time off and weddings and Boston visit and Michael's birthday and other distractions, but now it's time to FEED YOUR READERS AGAIN!! We want more, we want more, we want more!

johnwilpers - Ah, even the greatest chefs bomb now and then, right?!

It certainly SOUNDED like a good, even great, idea! How can you complain about a four-ingredient recipe?! But I guess that increases the odds of a bomb if you blow it with just one of four ingredients. So the possibility of failure is at least 25%! Two screw-ups and you're halfway to disaster!

But you're right about that GORGEOUS blender!

Can't wait for you to show off all your cooking skills this summer in Westport!

— JW & CDC

Melissa - yum num! it does look so good! bummer, BUT it technically isn't summer yet because i'm still in schooooooL! haha and right on with the colorful handblender : )