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I started Considerable Trouble and Considerable Joy in 2010 as a way to prove to my friends and family that I actually was learning to cook. A somewhat unbelievable story to most people who knew me then. But I had gotten tired of doing dishes in exchange for my boyfriend cooking, so the simplest answer seemed to be…I would cook too. Right.

As I ventured into the uncharted territory beyond omelets and my old specialty (french toast) I became interested in the ingredients I was using – where they came from, what was in them, how they were grown or raised. This brought me to farmers markets around the city, getting involved in the West Harlem CSA and a Washington Heights community garden. Living in Manhattan I made use of my own outdoor space (none) and began growing a few of my own ingredients in window boxes (and on the fire escape ….sshhh). Now we’ve made the move to Brooklyn and I have some balconies to work with, and a new community to explore.

This has all led me to become a more conscious consumer and take an interest in urban environmentalism. This blog chronicles the troubles and joys of learning to cook, bake and be green in the city. Expect fun recipes, CSAs, farmers markets, cooking, urban organic gardening, and even some adventures in developing my own recipes (eek, coming soon).

“Considerable trouble and considerable joy” is how Mark Twain described the adventures of Huckleberry Fin. My dad used to read the book to me as a kid and it is still one of my favorites. I think “considerable trouble and considerable joy” can also describe the adventures of being green in a city – composting, recycling/upcycling, small-space-gardening….. it can be trouble, but it’s worth the effort!

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